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Dyson Hair Dryer – Introduction, Usage, Pros, and More

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How does the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Work?

Dyson Hair Dryer – The innovation utilized on the Supersonic is basically as creative as it looks. Dyson dropped $71 million on making the hair dryer, working with more than 100 designers to totally overhaul what a hair dryer resembles. First of all, as praise to its smash hit fans, the Dyson hair dryer has an opening in the middle.

It utilizes a novel, brushless computerized engine that is a lot more modest and a lot lighter than customary a hair dryer engine, meaning a calmer — yet not more vulnerable — wind current that is enhanced up to multiple times, because of Dyson’s Air Multiplier innovation. “Call me insane, yet I felt like it dried my hair quicker,” said one analyzer. As a matter of fact, in our Lab tests, the engine on the Supersonic delivered the best wind stream contrasted with some other hair dryers tried, and it dried hair the quickest.

However it acquired the most elevated buyer fulfillment score of all the hair dryers we’ve tried, a few shoppers thought the Supersonic was too great. The air was serious areas of strength for so, on low, that the connection felt essential for any sort of control. On the off chance that you’re not cautious with how you utilize the hair dryer, the wind current is solid to such an extent that it can inflict any kind of damage (for example frizz, tangles) than great in some cases.

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Why is the Dyson Hair Dryer so Extraordinary?

Why is the Dyson Hair Dryer so Extraordinary?

The engine is lighter, more modest, and lives in the handle. Dissimilar to most hair dryers, the minuscule engine situate at the handle of the dryer as opposed to the furthest limit of the dryer’s head. Air is gotten through a channel at the lower part of the dryer’s handle, and removed through dainty vents that encompass the round top of the hair dryer. One downside is that the channel’s position represents an expectation to learn and adapt: “On the off chance that you hold [the handle] around the end, it shuts the vent and confines wind stream,” said one analyzer.

It’s simpler to hold. The engine situation makes for a more open to drying experience. Following a couple of moments of holding the hair dryer above, my shoulders don’t consume the same way they do with other hair dryers, since the heaviest piece of the hair dryer is in my grasp, not adjusted in an unbalanced spout.

Your hair will not get found out in the dryer. Since Dyson moved the vent to the lower part of the handle, our analyzers cherished that they didn’t need to fear getting their hair captured on a back vent. That implies not any more consumed hair smell or trimming tangled strands out of the dryer’s engine (might I at any point get a thank heaven, individual long-haired women?).

It accompanies imaginative extras. Remembered for the set are two concentrators and a diffuser, which all join to the hair dryer’s head attractively yet safely, so you won’t ever need to battle to cut connections into place. The dryer likewise accompanies a non-slip mat and stockpiling holder, which are two extras you truly value in the wake of expenditure $400 on a hair dryer.

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Does the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Harm Hair?

Dyson claims that the Supersonic hair dryer is better for your hair, “designed to shield hair from outrageous intensity harm.” The warm sensor on the Supersonic estimates the leave stream temperature of the air north of 40 times every second. So it’s continually directing the air temperature to keep your hair more secure from heat harm. Than it in any case may accompany some other hair dryer.

“Heat openness is only one of the elements in causing hair harm, overseer of the GH Excellence Lab. Our 2016 Lab test showed that the Dyson’s maximum intensity creation was “around 10°F below the normal temperature of the 18 hair dryers in our test. “In light of this, we can say that the Supersonic has the capability of being less harming to hair than a typical dryer.

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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Upsides and Downsides

Since its send off in 2016, the Dyson Supersonic has procured a spot on virtually every rundown of the best hair dryers or best hair devices. It was additionally the hot ticket thing for these special seasons, and soaring in popularity just proceed. Here is an all out breakdown of the Dyson hair dryer’s advantages and downsides.


  • Weighs under 2 pounds (1.8 to be definite).
  • Stunningly quick, because of its protected Air Multiplier innovation which spikes a high tension, high speed vacuum of controlled air.
  • It are secure to Style connections
  • Safeguards your hair from heat harm
  • Short spout needn’t bother with a ton of room for capacity
  • It comes in new restricted version colorways
  • Agreeable to hold


  • The excessive cost tag
  • Wire and connector are massive and cumbersome

Dyson Hair Dryer Connections

At first I was scared on the grounds that there are so many hair connections. Yet, all that stressing was unproductive. On the grounds that every one is emphatically charged so they snap right onto the spout. Not one tumbled off or felt free during my long stretch of testing.

I had severe doubts about Dyson’s cases that this hair dryer design for each hair type. And also, style on the grounds that no hair device is widespread. However, add on one of these five connections; it is truly a hair dryer that anybody can utilize.

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Flyaway Connection:

This is perfect for a smooth, velvety completion.

  • Styling Concentrator: This will be your go-to when you need stick-straight hair.
  • Diffuser: In a real sense quite possibly of the least demanding thing I’ve at any point done was blow dry. My hair utilizing this connection; there is no incorrect method for utilizing it.
  • Delicate Air connection: This simply sounds pleasant, yet it’s stupendous for fine hair and touchy scalps.
  • Wide-tooth Brush: Shapes and protracts twists and finished hair as it dries.

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Honestly, it resembles the hair dryer for fakers. You utilize the Supersonic the very same way you would some other hair dryer — regardless of the connections. A decent guideline, as indicated by Brown, is to begin with the most elevated speed setting. Those with thicker or curlier hair types ought to decide on the most noteworthy intensity level. While somebody with fine or straight hair ought to go for the Dyson’s cooler settings.

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