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Dior Foundation – Dior Forever Skin Glow Foundation

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Dior Foundation: Forever Skin Glow Foundation SPF35 3WO Foundation Review

Dior Foundation – There’s a lot of fanfare surrounding the Dior Forever Foundation’s redesign: There’s now a Glow version and a Matte version. And have not tried the original formula, but dealing with a shimmery foundation, so had to preference this one up and see what it was.

The description states that it provides medium to full coverage, 24-hour wear, and a glossy, shine-free finish that reduces the appearance of apertures and leaves skin looking flawless. Sounds perfect? But has it ticked all the boxes?

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Texture: Dior Foundation

It’s such a lightweight liquid that I don’t feel like I’m wearing foundation. Big tick!

Application: Dior Foundation

I tried with a buffing brush, a beauty blender and my fingers. Surprisingly, the Beauty Blender is my least favorites method, and while I usually prefer to use my fingers to apply foundation these days, I really like to finish it off with a buffing brush.

Coverage: Dior Foundation

One layer provides medium, robust and buildable coverage if more coverage is needed. I do not need to hide any areas of redness on my cheeks now, but I still lighten the room under my eyes.


I would describe it as a satin finish; it reminds me a lot of Chanel Vita Lumiere (not the aqua version, the original). Sure, there’s a glow, but it’s not dew, and it’s an “inner light” glow. Foundations with a matte finish can sometimes accentuate the texture, but I must say it doesn’t apply, and I agree with Pore Refining’s claim: They glide over pores and fine lines while minimizing pores.

Wear Time:

It says you wear it 24 hours, but who wears makeup for that long? I definitely do! Without primer, I noticed slight wear around the nose in about 4/5 hours, but with primer, it stays in great shape for 8/9 hours and is still easily felt.

Color Range:

There are 30 shades in cool, neutral, and warm tones. If you were using the older version, please note that there is a difference in the colors of the original formula and the new formula.

Overall Thoughts:

I really like this foundation – my skin looks healthy and light, but it provides decent coverage. It brightens my skin tone without making it look shiny or sticky and does not highlight any texture. And also, comfortable for the skin as it hydrates without being greasy. It is perfect for my dry skin, and I think it would work on regular and possibly combination skin, though I need a little lather afterwards. It’s not inexpensive, but I find that 1 or 2 pumps are enough for each use.

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Dior Foundation: Forever Skin Glow

Dior Foundation: Forever Skin Glow

Dior recently launched its new high-quality 24-hour skin-care foundation with two touches: Velvety Matte and Skin Glow. The Dior Forever Original Foundation and the new Skin Glow version have been reformulated, Dior’s manager at the local counter told me, to replace Dior skin Star Foundation.

When I heard about this foundation’s launch, I was excited about the skin glow variant as I love this hydrating foundation, which makes my skin glow too. And  also loved that it contains skin-care ingredients, and I feel that matte foundation does not work on my dry skin. Though had a sample to try on first to make sure the shade matched correctly and was able to test the foundation to make sure I liked it before I bought it. I purchased the actual size because I instantly fell in love with this foundation.

Dior Forever Skin Glow Foundation

Dior Forever Skin Glow Foundation

It contains protecting rosehip extract, a star ingredient that Dior has used at Dior Forever for years. They say it helps protect the quality of the skin from external invaders and minimizes the appearance of pores. This foundation is a hydration booster, with skin-care ingredients and pansy extracts to help prevent dryness. It also contains SPF 35 PA++ protection.

Dior says it has the perfect balance of water and oil to provide a natural, vibrant glow without the sheen. After applying this base, the application will help improve the skin’s quality.

Skin looks flawless for 24 hours, so even though its texture has hardened, it will look plump, smooth and glowing.

It’s suitable for all skin tones, and like Dior Face and Body Foundation, it comes in 31 shades. You can find help on Dior’s website to find the right shade for you, or visit the store and tell a staff member who can match you to the shed.

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Dior Forever Skin Glow Foundation spf35

  • Dior Forever expands its high-performance, long-wearing base formula for a luminous, 24-hour finish, Dior Forever Skin Glow. The complexion appears flawless, plump and pores open. This encapsulated liquid foundation instantly beautifies the face. It enhances its beauty day in and day out thanks to its formula enriched with carefully selected skin-care ingredients to reveal the skin’s complexion.
  • Dior Forever Skin Glow gives you a radiant finish. For a velvety matte finish, look for the prestigious Dior Forever Foundation.
  • 31 tons. The colors work differently in their ranges, so remixing them is best.
  • I took a sample from 3WO. I thought it would be similar to 3WO’s face and body, but unfortunately, they are different. Dior Glow 3WO isn’t too oily or yellow; it’s more warm and peachy/orange. I can get away with applying too little foundation anyway, but it isn’t charming because Face and Body 3WO works so well for me.
  • It oxidizes a little more than oranges.
  • Its texture is light, fluid and laxative. It has a fixing agent that makes it a bit sticky and rubbery so that it will glide gently on the back of your hand.
  • Due to its deciding factor, I suggest blending it a little faster than usual or applying one section at a time. It doesn’t dry very quickly and takes a long time to mix, but be aware of the limiting factor.
  • As the name suggests, it gives the skin a radiant finish. Dior Glow softens the skin and slightly reduces pores, but it’s by no means the gentlest formula on the skin. But for a long-wearing rosy foundation, it looks beautiful on the skin.

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Provides Medium To Full Buildable Coverage.

It’s an exciting formula because you don’t have to go for a long-wearing, all-covering foundation. While I wouldn’t say I like layering with this foundation, I feel it’s not too pigmented, which means a little bit of it isn’t enough.

It’s a Reasonably light Weight Formula

but it feels sticky on the skin due to its long-lasting “sticky” properties, and the stickiness makes my skin a little tight. I can say that I have a product on my face. Even when I touch my skin, I can still feel the stickiness. However, if I apply the powder, it doesn’t stay sticky to the touch, but I can feel the erosion of the permanent properties on my face if it’s stained!

Dior Claims

Dior claims to be a 24-hour enterprise. I haven’t used it for 24 hours. However, I feel it’s an incredibly long-wearing foundation due to its high gloss. You won’t find many wet and long-lasting formulas. It’s not a slippery base, but in the current UK spring weather, it lasts as long as it looks. I started feeling greasy in the second hour, so you probably need to dry off.

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It was a fun equation to try. There were times when I wouldn’t say I liked it, and there were times when I thought it was so cool. The tone is depressing, and it’s oxidizing as well. I am worried to see if there are any alternatives to olive available to take a look at your other shades. I’ve found that if I apply my usual minimum, a dot on each cheek, a dot on the nose and a dot on the forehead and use the powder strategically, I get the best look and best dressed.

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