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Beauty Products – Best New Beauty Products 2019

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Introduction – Beauty Products

Beauty Products - Best New Beauty Products 2019

Beauty Products – These are the ten beauty products we know are successful in 2019. Some already did it last year, but they promise to stay in the top ten for these new twelve months. Which ones are you missing?

Not only are manicures or haircuts influenced by each season’s trends, but cosmetics are also steeping with society’s new interests, and the industry’s advances evolve. And suppose 2018 was the year in which highlighter and no makeup triumphed equally in 2019. In that case, the commitment to beautifying the skin to the maximum and thus avoiding excess makeup will continue with a great novelty: customizable care products.

The palette of shadows to which Kim Kardashian has already declared her love – Beauty Products

Considering that the new smoky eyes are complete with gold shadows –ask a few celebs who have confirmed that this gold version can be very flattering. The new Urban Decay Naked Honey eyeshadow palette has the wood of becoming an object of desire (viral) in the coming months. Suppose we add to the formula that this firm’s palettes obsess Beauty Junkies, that Kim Kardashian has already declared her love for her via Instagram, and that she has 12 neutral golden tones. In that case, everything indicates that we are facing what could become a new best-selling palette.

Lush Solid Lipstick – Beauty Products

Everybody talks about them. With more than 40 shades, they are vegan, without packaging, and 100% respectful of the environment.

It is the best-selling facial mask on Amazon – Beauty Products

Exfoliating, cleansing, anti-ageing, and star of the beauty section of the platform. Made from bamboo charcoal extract, it works like a cream that easily applies to the face and, when cooled, is removed in a single movement as if it were a sheet of paper.

Benefit ‘Roller Eye Bright Pencil – Beauty Products

An awakening pencil for tired eyes that instantly brightens your eyes. It goes on sale this new year and promises to be among the favorites in our eyes.

So Volume Mascara by Sisley – Beauty Products

Sisley is the king of skin care since it uses Phyto cosmetology –using plant extracts – to create the formulas of all its products. We don’t have many facts yet, but we know they will launch the So Volume mascara. In February with a triple action that promises definition, volume, and length. We need to try it!

The cosmetic that recovers an old grandmother’s trick

Benefit’s iconic liquid blush for cheeks and lips, Benefit, gets a new version this fall with a unique applicator, a new fiery red shade and a new name, Love Tint. And yes, it reminds us of that old trick our grandmothers used lipstick as blush.

Dyson Airgraph – Beauty Products

We were among the first in Mexico to discover Dyson Airgraph; it was love at first sight. The event was in NY, and the brand founder Sir James Dyson, the Mexican engineer Veronica Alanis and the international hairstylist Jen Atkin were present at the presentation. With the seven different heads and its powerful V9 digital motor, you can straighten, create waves, give volume, and dry your hair. We already tried it, and we don’t let go, read the product review here. Once you have it, you will forget about all other hair styling tools, we assure you.

Naked Reloaded of Urban Decay

In 2018 they discontinued the first version of the naked palette but to comfort our sadness came Naked Cherry. Six months later, we are beginning to notice something. However, we still don’t know anything about this new Urban Decay eyeshadow palette. And also we have seen the networks of some international vloggers invaded by this product.

The images indicate that Naked Reloaded, Urban Decay’s new palette, has some colors very close to the classic Naked. All 12 shades are earthy – from the lightest brown to the darkest – plus the cornerstones are more significant. Hopefully, the brand will give us a preview soon.


The beauty industry now seems to finally come together to tackle environmental and sustainability issues in various ways. the commitment to beautifying the skin to the maximum and thus avoiding excess makeup will continue with a great novelty: customizable care products.

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