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Scream Voice Change – 6 Methods for Getting a Scream Voice Change

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6 Methods for Getting a Scream Voice Change

Scream Voice Change – Do you need to change your voice like the executioner Ghostface in Shout film at any point? You would not need to be a phantom and can utilize a shout voice transformer application.

Heaps of Ghostface voice transformer applications are accessible on the web, yet not everyone works perfectly and gives proper outcomes. In case you are searching for a solid application that you can use to change your voice into Ghostface, here are everything top 6 applications that can manage the work.
We should get to be aware of them exhaustively.

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Section 1. Is there a Shout Voice Transformer Application?

Is there a Shout Voice Transformer Application?

There are numerous shout voice transformer applications, yet many of them are only an exercise in futility. Yet, you can relax; I have tried out some applications and made a rundown of all applications that can help manage the work.

Here is a rundown of them:

1. Unic Tool Magic Vox – Scream Voice

The Unic Tool Magic Vox is a voice transformer application that allows you to keep and change your voice continuously. It accompanies more than 200 voice impacts and channels, allowing you to change your voice straightforwardly in games or various applications.

A few Critical Elements of Unic Tool Magic Vox:

  • Record from any source and alter it.
  • Simple to utilize, appropriate for amateurs.
  • Effectively change accounts by managing, cutting, and dividing cuts.
  • Save altered records in various configurations and change your voice straightforwardly in streams, games, and so forth.

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2. Voice Mod – Scream Voice

Voice mod is a free voice transformer instrument that allows you to tweak your voice to anything. With Voice mod, you can seem like a robot, change your voice into a creature or even change your voice with one of our entertaining superstar voices.

Here are a few Critical Highlights of this application:

  • Upholds more than 100 different voice impacts.
  • Change the pitch or speed of your voice, add reverberation or reverb, or even contort it to make it entertaining.
  • You can make your custom voice transformer by blending and matching various impacts.
  • Additionally, embellishments like auto-tune assist you with making music recordings and other substances.

3. Morph VOX Voice Transformer – Scream Voice

Morph VOX Voice Transformer is voice-changing programming that allows you to add impacts to your voice to seem like a robot, beast, or even Ghostface from Shout film. It has different voice-changing effects that you can utilize and change your voice pitch, speed, and other things.

Here are a few Vital Highlights of Morph vox Voice Transformer:

  • Change your voice continuously with voice transformer impacts.
  • Record your voice, then play it back adjusted by one of the many impacts.
  • Use as a sound-altering device for digital broadcasts or other verbally expressed word accounts.
  • The device can be introduced effectively and rapidly onto your PC, which chips away at the two computers and Macintoshes.

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4. Alarming Voice Transformer [Android] – Scream Voice

Alarming Voice Transformer is another excellent voice modifier application that can change your voice progressively. It makes more than 100 distinct impacts, including a frightening comedian, witch, outsider, beast, and so on.

A few Critical Elements of this application are:

  • Voice Transformer, voice transformer and voice modulator.
  • Constant voice evolving.
  • Significant audio effects, incredible reverberation, and clamor impacts.
  • Movable contribute and playback speed constant, with no deferral.
  • Record your vocal sound and play it back in a pleasant manner.

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5. Frightening Voice Transformer and Recorder [iOS]

It is one of the most outstanding applications to change your voice or alter it through an IOS gadget. You can record your voice and change it to frightening voices, amusing voices, and, surprisingly, creature sounds. You can likewise utilize it as a ringtone producer.

Here is a portion of the Key Highlights:

  • Constant voice adjustment with pitch shift and reverberation impacts.
  • Record your voice in top notch and afterwards change it to anything.
  • Different frightening consequences are accessible, including beast voices, devil voices, zombie voices, and then some.
  • You can likewise add custom voices to the assortment.

6. Lingo Jam [Online] – Scream Voice

If you would instead not introduce any application or programming on your gadget yet need to get a terrifying voice transformer, Lingo jam shout voice transformer online is ideal. An internet-based device permits you to rapidly change your voice into a terrifying one, much like Shout Film voices.

A few Critical Elements of Lingo jam are:

  • Change your voice to startling, entertaining, and peculiar sounds.
  • Record your voice and make your terrifying audio effects.
  • Save your accounts to impart them to your loved ones.

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Section 2. How to Seem like Ghostface with Magic Vox?

You, first of all, should download Magic Vox on your Windows PC. You can tap the “download now” button to download the application for windows PC. When the .exe record downloads, you should double tap it, and the spring-up window will show up. Here it would help if you tapped the Introduce button, and the establishment cycle will start. It will require 2 to 5 minutes to finish. In this way, show restraint. After the establishment completes, it will send off consequently; In this way, you can continue to change your voice to Ghostface.

  • When the application is wholly stacked, you should tap on Record Voice Change button that you will see on the base right side.
  • Spring up window will appear; you should tap on the mic button and begin recording your voice.
  • You can tap on the mic symbol again to quit recording and snap on the Voice Change button when you wrap up recording your voice.
  • Under the Voice Order area, pick Loathsomeness and afterwards, under the Voice Name segment, pick
  • Phantom and snap on Commodity.
  • The downloaded sound will be in Ghostface’s voice.


There is a voice transformer accessible like the one in Shout 1-2, yet you won’t seem like Ghostface (that is a genuine man’s voice). The voice transformer will make your voice sound further, more shrill, mechanical, outsider, and so on; you need to hold it straightforwardly to the beneficiary of the telephone and talk into the gadget. This best utilizes on a non-PDA. Cells don’t fill in, too, because your normal voice is likewise on the cell.

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